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  26: K...died prematurely from...

  27:C ..will determine the everyday...

  28:N become synonymous with air...

  29: M ...simply switching to electric...

  30:D ..run them is generated

  31: I tiny airborn particles as...?

  32:H are opting for

  33:J ...reached its peak and...

  34:O..with this trend,

  35: L can simply double...


How much protein do you really need?

  36:c段落首句:Theu.s. . government's' recommended daily allowanceRDA

  37:E段落首句: If you are considering supplement, read the list of

  38:A段落首句: The marketing is tempting: Get stronger muscles and healthier bodies

  39:F段落首句: But there are certain situations that do warrant extra protein55

  40:M段落首句: There have been some indications that extra protein makes the

  41:G段落首句: Vegans can benefit from protein supplements since they do not eat

  42:B段落首句: For starters, protein is critical for every cell in our body

  43:H段落首句: In fact, along with her colleague Connie Bales,

  44:D段落首句: So if it's' so easy to get your protein in food

  45:L段落首句: But can people overdo protein?


  46:C)It determines how we respond to our immediate environment 

  47:A)Their idols'behaviors

  48:A)They may not suggest how a person is going to behave

  49:D)They lack willpowers

  50:B)Starting to act in way that embodies 


  51:C)It was carried out too close to the habitats of penguins and whales 

  52:B)To establish conservation areas in the Antarctic regior

  53:A)Opting to operate away from the suggested conservation arcas 

  54:D)Sustain fishing without damaging the Antarctic ecosystem pas 

  55: C)A provider of the needed expertis



  26:G)the detrimental effects

  27:J)that indulging in

  28:E)memory deficits

  29:A)as assessed by

  30:L)emerge rapidly within

  31:B)adults assigned to

  32:O)memory similar to

  33:C)negative consequences of

  34:D)changed conspicuously.

  35:N)exercise regularly


  36:G)首句: So far, so plausible

  37:C)首句: To investigate, Twenge and her colleagu dived into the

  38:H)首句: A similar but reversed pattern was for the activities ssociated

  39:D)首句: Twenge and her colleagues wanted to understand why this change

  40:B)首句: Now a new study has provided another contribution to the debate

  41:E)首句:Fist, they explain that if a given variable is playing a role in

  42:J)首句: The researchers conclude that electronic communication was the

  43:F)首句:Next, Twenge' team dug a little deeper into data

  44:Ⅰ)首句: There is another explanation that twenge and her colleagues

  45:A)首句: Have young people never had it so good?



  46:A)It shows they have the ability to view complex situations form different angles

  47:D)It involves lots of sophisticated mental activity

  48.B)When they face too much peer pressure

  49:B)When they are under watchful eyes

  50:B)They will tell bigger lies


  51:C)A massive natural catastrophe

  52:A)To prepare people for a major earthquake 

  53:D)Enormous stress is released

  54:A)Coordinating various disaster-relief efforts

  55:C)Its occurrence is just a matter of time



  26:E)under certain circumstances,

  27:L) ...we are lonely.

  28:I) ..attribute desires to...

  29:A) ...can alleviate loneliness.

  30:J) had been excluded in social setting,

  31:B) ..phones apparently substituted for...

  32:H) ...beliefs and consciousness

  33:D) ...are associating with...

  34:F) ...especially in competitive situations.

  35:K) ..saw this feature as...


  36:F段落首句: In the grass-fed- system, armers are also not subject to the wildly

  37:c段落首句: His first partnership was with Paul and Phyllis Amburgh,owners

  38:J段落首句: And not every farmer has the option of going grass--fed

  39:D段落首句: All this conversion has helped Maple Hill grow40-505

  40:G段落首句: While Maple Hill'' conversion program is unusually hands--on

  41:A段落首句: Though he didn't' come from farming family, from young age pas

  42:I段落首句:Though advocates portray grass-fed products as a win-win situation

  43:E段落首句: Champions of this type of regenerative grazing also point to its

  44:B段落首句: Joseph wanted to put this theory to the test

  45:K段落首句: Another grass-fed- booster spurring farmers to convert is EPIC



  46:B)Protect students from social pressures and enable them to face the world

  47:B)They widen the gap between privileged and disadvantaged students 

  48:D)Activities involving all students on campus 

  49:C)They don't want their kids to miss any chance to broaden their horizons despite 

  50:C)Avoiding creating new gaps among students


  51:A) King penguins in the Antarctic will be on the verge of dying out

  52:C)Industrial fishing and climate change in the Antarctic region in recent years

  53:D)The majority of them may have to find new breeding grounds in the future 

  54:A)Many baby king penguins can't have food in time

  55:D)Only a few of its islands can serve as huge breeding grounds for king penguins



    Peony, which features bright colour and graceful shape,symbolizes peace and prosperity and is thus well recognized as "king of flowers". Peonies are cultivated and grown in m China.For thousands of years, a great number of poems and paintings have been produced to praise the flower.In the Tang Dynasty, peonies were planted so widely in the royal gardens as “the national flower”that they enjoyed great popularity across the country.In the 10th century,the ancient city of Luoyang became the centre of peony planting, and has remained as such since then.Nowadays,hundreds of thousands of domestic tourists pour in luoyang for the anunal peony festival, when they can both appreciate the unique beauty of the flowers and explore the history of the city which is known as the capital of six dynasties.



Lotus is one of best-known flowers in China which people love deeply. The lakes many parts of China are suitable for lotus to grow. Lotus, which features bright colour in the morning and closes in the evening with a long flowering period of two to in the morning and closes in the evening with a long flowering period of two to attracting tourists across the country to appreciate it.Lotus is multi-functional as it can not only green waters and beautify courtyards but also purify water, reduce pollution environment. Lotus, as it does not fear the strong sunshine and keeps clean in the dirty soil,symbolizes purity and elegance and represents people's noble morals. Therefore, the flower has become important themes for poets and painters throughout the Chinese history,and the place where it blooms turns out to be the resort of many photographers.03梅花


  Plum blossom, which tops the ten most famous flowers of China, originated in south China and has a planting history of more than 3, 000 years. In winter, colourful plum flowers blossom boldly against the cold. In traditional Chinese culture plum blossom symbolizes toughness, purity and grace, motivating people to face hardships and move forward bravely In history, many poets and painters gained inspiration from the flower and created countless masterpieces. Ordinary citizens are also fond of the flower, which is often used to decorate the house during the spring festival.Nanjing city has designated plumb blossom as the city flower and holds the flower festival every year,which attracts hundreds of thousands of people to appreciate the flower in snow despite the cold.


  卷一:sense of social responsibility:


  Living in an age when the economy is rapidly developing and the commercial environment becomes increasingly complicated, we have to realize that a sense of ss social responsibility plays such an important role that it defines what we are and determines how many accomplishments humans can achieve in the future.

  The reasons why sense of social responsibility is so important can be listed as follows. On the one hand,a sense of social responsibility can inherently restrain producers' behavior,which can tremendously reduce the possibility of producing fake or even harmful commodities. Without a sense of social responsibility, some producers might do great harm to the whole society. Take Sanlu milk powder as an example. It was such an irresponsible enterprise that it added tripolycyanamide to its milk powder, which tragically led to many babies'developmental disorders and ruined many families' happiness. On the other hand, as a member of the society, we should also be responsible for what we do to others as well as the whole social environment.

  As far as I'm concerned, a sense of social responsibility is to our society what sunshine is to humans. Although we can survive for a while without sunshine, but our phealthy and long-lasting development can never shine without sun, just as our society can never thrive without a sense of social responsibility.

02 卷二作文


  A sense of family responsibility:


  As we grow up and our parents grow older, we have to realize that a sense of family esponsibility should play an important role in dealing with our relationships with family members.

  The reasons why a sense of family responsibility is so important can be listed as follows. On one hand, a sense of family responsi our desires to take care of our family members whether they are in need or not, which can tremendously reduce the possibility of indifference between family members.Without a sense of family responsibility,some people could be indifferent to the adversity their families might be coping with and would eventually witness the breakdown of their family relationships On the other hand,as a member of a family, we should notice that it was our family that gave us life,raised us up and made us who we are today.In this case, being responsible for our family is undoubtedly a necessary value that should be shared by all of us Chinese and passed on to the next generations.

   As far as I'm concerned, a sense of family responsibility sunshine is to humans.Although we can survive for a while without sunshine,but our healthy and long-lasting development can never shine without sun,just as our family relationships can never be harmonious without a sense of family responsibility.

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